GLORY@Platform 台灣最大的物流雲平台
Optimize your supply chain
Speed up your logistics

GLORY@Platform 台灣最大的物流雲平台
Optimize your supply chain
Speed up your logistics

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GLORY@Platform functions&benefits

Glory@Platform is an intelligent logistics cloud platform that provides end to end orchestration from shipper, LSPs and business partners to plan global supply chain operations and execute. There are eight different modules available in Glory@Platform to assist enterprise in getting the most updated and timely freight information which dramatically improves the reliability, visibility, agility and efficiency of enterprise. The end-to-end visibility allows multi-parties to track & trace on a unified platform, which greatly improving management efficiency and strengthening enterprise competitiveness. More…

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4PL(Fourth party logistics) Service

Provide BPO services for logistics consulting, supply chain planning and execution and supply chain & logistics cloud platform. Toplogis’s 4PL service assists enterprise in decreasing logistics cost, integrating resources effectively and choosing excellent LSPs and add-value service providers. Toplogis offers unique and optimized supply chain & logistics solutions to encounter global trade complexities. More…

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Supply Chain and Logistics Services

Choosing a high-quality logistics service provider is the first step to perfect product delivery. Toplogis provides 2000 high-quality international logistics service providers on the Glory platform, including air freight forwarder, ocean freight forwarder, express, warehouse, delivery, trucks and customs brokers, according to the company's global trade volume to provide the most appropriate price and service quality. It can be based on the fact that it takes too much manual effort and time to reconcile the cost of logistics. The variety of international logistics costs can be counted up to 5000 kinds, and the currency and pricing formula used for each cost are different. Toplogis's solutions include one-stop services including selection of LSPs, price inquiry and negotiation, bidding and awarding LSPs, and automatic bill calculate and verify. It is definitely a top notch platform for the global supply chain & logistics management of enterprises! More…

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Toplogis starts offering its solution GLORY@Platform since 2005 to the high-tech manufacturers, and had accumulated hundreds of listed corporates clients and partnership with 2000+ LSPs worldwide. Through the collaboration with shipper and LSPs, Toplogis manges to execute 300 millions of shipments worldwide each year.

Companies in all fields have witnessed the continuous improvements & excellent service quality of Toplogis!

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