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With agreat ambition as a lion and be tactful as fox Ms. Catherine Peng from the Toplogis Inc.: My Philosophy of Life is Entrepreneurship

A Prince must imitate the fox and lion, one must be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves” Ms. Catherine Peng has drawn upon “The Prince” writing by Niccolò Machiavelli. She believes her business will be smoothly and facilitated if an entrepreneur is not only with a great ambition as a lion, but also a more worldly-wise wisdom like a fox. As a biggest cloud logistic platform in Taiwan, the Toplogis Inc was found by Ms. Catherine Peng in 2004, after that, it has successfully obtained US$5 million from investors in 2005.


Foresee the Rise of a New Cloud Business Model


Ms. Catherine Peng was majoring in the department of mathematics and likes to organize the complicated situation and provide the solution based on the modeling. She has observed the problems of enterprise logistics and a new business model of the CRM from the Salesforces. Therefore, she has contributed NT$10 million to organize the team and developed the first could platform of supply chain logistics in Taiwan, called GLORY@ Platform, which was a new business model and promoted on the market by charging a monthly fee with calculating the network traffic.


However, there was no customers would like to be a lab rats at the beginning. Only the GIGABYTE was convinced to utilize this platform with a free trail in the first six months of the year. After a half a year, this platform helps the GIGABYTE to decrease the costs dramatically by 30% and the other clients- the MediaTek Inc. (a large company in Taiwan) used it when they know the outcome from the GIGABYTE.


Currently, this platform has many long-term leases from more than 100 listed companies and cooperates with over 1,000 logistic companies to offer the online service which contributes 10 million big data cloud. It also consequently helps enterprises to shorten the time of preparation by average 50% and reduce 30% of total logistic cost in average.


And now, this platform has been attracting various famous large-scale enterprises to invest and be its members of board of directors, such as the Evergreen Group, the SmartFinance Group and etc. As a result, this cloud platform with a new business model is becoming a mainstream.


A blessing/disaster in Disguise, to Find Business Opportunities in Crisis


The Toplogis Inc had almost closed by 2008 because of the financial crisis and Ms. Catherine Peng faced a lot of stress from her business and family. Nevertheless, she still believes this platform with a good business model will be successful. Then, she has observed a lot of business sectors started redundancy and it caused a lot of administrative problems, especially for the logistic industry. It became a new business opportunity form the financial crisis. The toplogis Inc promoted an outsourcing package to these sectors, which combines with automatic system of this platform and reduces the logistic process and operation. It added additional revenue from the outsourcing package and safely passed this financial crisis.


In 2017, the revenue of the Toplogis Inc were over 100 million and reached a milestone. Ms. Catherine Peng started to actively participate in Corporate Social Responsibility and invested new business for growing up the company. For example, supporting the TT MAKER co-working space establishment and coaching young entrepreneurs. Now, Ms. Catherine Peng not only extends the overseas market, but also looks for a new young talents as successors with new technology knowledge.

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With agreat ambition as a lion and be tactful as fox CEO Ms. Catherine Peng