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Catherine Peng serves as the president of GLCT North District, and makes the debut the intelligent virtual assistant Ms.Glory.

Our CEO Catherine Peng serves as the president of GLCT North District, and makes the debut

the intelligent virtual assistant Ms.Glory.


Toplogis and Global Logistics & Commerce Council of Taiwan (GLCT) held the "Supply Chain and Logistics Cloud Platform Innovation Conference and GLCT North Branch Inauguration Conference" at Heyi Hotel in Taoyuan today. At the meeting, James, the CEO of Georgia Institute of Technology in Asia, was invited to share on the topic of "Innovative thinking of smart supply chain and logistics " and the representative from Gartner’s Singapore office  share the practical application of smart operations through video. They both analyze the situation under the hood of the pandemic and share the key to the transformation of an enterprise during the pandemic.


GLCT said that according to the recent research, only "Track & Trace" in the international logistics services are obviously insufficient, and "reducing overall logistics costs" has become the primary factor of concern for both Shippers and the LSP. Toplogis has been focused on using technology as the means and service as the core competence to provide smart solutions for companies to manage complex global supply chains and international logistics issues, thus promoting the birth of "Taiwan's first intelligent logistics assistant Ms.Glory". At present, GLORY@Platform is Taiwan’s largest logistics cloud platform. More than 100 high-tech manufacturing industries and more than 2,000 international logistics companies use this platform to deliver goods to the world. Taiwan's industry is experiencing rapid technological advances on the one hand, and declining birthrates on the other hand impacting the manpower needs of enterprises. Both the corporates and logistics companies have had to face the huge impact of declining birthrates and advanced technology. It is important to provide companies with "technology as a means and service as the core competence" to solve complex supply chain and logistics problems and Toplogis has been focus on this area for long time.


In order to expand services to all levels, GLCT held the inauguration ceremony of the North Branch at the same day. GLCT hopes to deepen the services of logistics by connecting the general office and the three branches of North, Central and South to work together to move forward to a new era of smart logistics. President Su Longde led the North District President Peng Lizhen, Taichung Chapter President Li Mingxue, Kaohsiung Chapter Zhang Conglian, and the board of directors and supervisors to complete the ceremony. Through the connection of the headquarter with the North, Central, and South three districts, it provides comprehensive services for Taiwan’s industries and become the best logistics partner for the industry.