Our CEO Mrs. Peng was invited to be one of the representative to attend 2019 APEC PPWE

女力崛起!女性創業方興未艾,臺灣女性創業成果亮眼,屢受到全球矚目,經濟部中小企處將於4月16日與美國在台協會攜手共同舉辦「女力經濟賦權高峰會(Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit)」,預計邀請美國、日本、韓國、印度、澳洲、紐西蘭等15國代表與相關領域女性領袖參與,分享臺灣女力經驗,以擴大國際合作,迎向全球化趨勢。

Women empowerment! Taiwan’s female entrepreneurs’ achievements have been eye-catching and have received global attention. The Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and US AIT will jointly hold the "Women's Economic Empowerment Summit" on April 16. It is expected to invite representatives from 15 countries including the United States, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, and female leaders in related fields to participate and share the experience of Taiwan’s female empowerment in order to expand international cooperation to face the trend of globalization.


The Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit on April 16 specifically targeted the topic of ``Managing work-life Balance'', ``Women Using Tech for Good'', ``Unleashing Women Entrepreneurs'' and "Women's Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP)". These special speeches are plaining to build the soft and hard power of women in the industry, and enhance the participation and leadership of women leaders in the business.


This event will invite women representatives from the United States, the Indo-Pacific, and the private sector to come to Taiwan including Kathryn Kaufman, the managing director of OPIC and Professor Lin Xia from the University of Virginia, who is also an independent director of the Goldman Sachs Group Asia Bank. Furthermore, the

Vice President of ICSB Winslow Sargeant, He Limei from TSMC and the Private investment representative Ms. Liu Qiying are all invited to discuss with the outstanding Taiwan’s female entrepreneurs, sharing the achievements of female entrepreneurship and expanded international cooperation network. The event will be held in Taipei Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.


According to the 2018 SME White Paper, the proportion of female entrepreneurs in Taiwan is as high as 36.41%, indicating that the vigorous development of female enterprises will also bring more possibilities for Taiwan’s economic development and technological innovation. As the tide of female entrepreneurship rises, the government has released many resources in recent years to actively assist small and medium-sized enterprises in seeking business opportunities and accelerating internationalization, including the National Development Fund’s Entrepreneurship Angel Project, the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Feiyan Project for Women’s Entrepreneurship, and the innovation research of service industry (SIIR), the Small Business Innovative Research and Development Program (SBIR), and the Ministry of Labor’s micro-entrepreneurship Phoenix loan. This year, the Feiyan program of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Division will handle the transformation of accelerators to cultivate potential female elite

entrepreneurs to assist them in gaining capital and markets, linking with international accelerators, and

outshine in the international market.


The press conference invited the representatives of outstanding female entrepreneurs who won the Women's Entrepreneurship Elite Competition to show their views and how government's resources to support women's



Catherine Peng, the winner of the 2018 Women’s Entrepreneurship Elite Competition, CEO of Toplogis, founded Taiwan’s largest logistics cloud platform and provided integrated information services for more than 100 listed companies. This April will represent Taiwan to participate in Vietnam 2019 APEC Partners in Women and Economic Policy (PPWE) Forum. Adhering to the altruistic spirit to contribute to the female economy in the future, Mrs. Peng will also join the Feiyan Project Accelerator Group to assist more female entrepreneurs to expand their international horizons and improve their ability to apply technology. In recent years, with the rise of the digital economy and experience economy have provided great opportunities for women’s entrepreneurship and business innovation. Utilizing technology to assist female entrepreneurs in their company’s digital transformation has become a global issue. Wang Peiyu, director of Jiadian Creative Co., Ltd., provides innovative solutions for customers.


In addition to the award of the Women's Entrepreneurship Elite Competition, she was also selected as the Ministry of Economic Affairs New Venture Award. The increased media exposure due to the awards has not only greatly increased the company's reputation, but also won the support of many government resources. In 2018, she obtained SIIR subsidies with brand-new platform products, and promoted music products to government agencies, becoming one of the newly created joint supply contract procurement suppliers of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.