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Amigo Logistics

E-VRP optimizes the transportation operations of dispatching to the logistics centers across Taiwan
Amigo Logistics is a professional third-party logistics, from warehousing, processing to distribution, can provide complete logistics services, the scope of services extends to the entire Taiwan.

-Amigo Logistics Business Vision Concept

Amigo Logistics

Established in 1975, Amigo Logistics is a member of Sampo Corp. Adhering to the core values of integrity and upgrading, Amigo Logistics is devoted to providing professional, efficient total logistics services.

Amigo Logistics has a wealth of experience and professional management to provide customers with integrated logistics service solutions such as: forwarder, warehousing, inter-city transport, intra-city distribution, cargo handling, labeling, home delivery, and IT service.

For over forty years, Amigo has continued to develop customer-oriented logistics solutions with innovative perspectives as well as practical local experience. Amigo wins praise from world famous customers, including household appliances and electronics manufacturers,by providing professional logistics services with modern software and facilities and advanced logistics techniques. We respond to the needs of our customers as the best logistics outsourcing partner in Taiwan.

E-VRP ® provides warehousing storage, transportation and distribution, circulation processing, information processing, relocation services, home delivery and installation services, etc. Optimize the transportation operations of dispatching logistics centers across Taiwan through Toplogis.

Three Advantage of Amigo—Service、Management、IT

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