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Implemented the e-port platform of Toplogis, which greatly improved the efficiency of customs declaration operations of Corsair
If the industry adopts the correct and efficient operating software platform from the beginning, it will save a lot of trouble.

-Yu Yuqiang, Head of Corsair Technology Taiwan

Corsair technology manage customs declaration efficiently

Corsair, which focuses on overclocking, gaming and server levels, has been widely adopted by enterprise-level servers in the European and American markets, such as Yahoo or Google. Following the establishment of distribution centers in the United States and Europe, Corsair established the world's third distribution center in Taiwan in 2007, and officially entered the Farglory Free Trade Port Zone (FTZ) next to Taoyuan Airport. This distribution center will become Corsair's distribution center throughout Asia. In addition, it has become its production control center in the Asia-Pacific region, controlling product expansion and assembly, final testing, and packaging reorganization.

Corsair Technology Taiwan head Mr.Yu said that because the memory module deployment process control tube operation is fast and continuous, an efficient platform is required. In addition, the price of memory changes rapidly. If it is not set in a bonded area, it will be difficult to bear. The Farglory Free Trade Port Zone is an ideal bonded zone. In addition to the bonded function, after entering FTZ, 3 to 4 hours of operation time can be saved in the supply chain and the delivery time is increased.

Mr. Yu pointed out that as Corsair's FTZ function has gradually changed from the initial Shipping Hub to a combined production control, inspection, RMA and delivery center. In order to cope with the operation process, improve the efficiency and electronicization of product declaration operations, Corsair started to implement the e-port platform of Toplogis. After about two months of adjustments between the old and new systems, the efficiency of customs declaration operations has been significantly improved.

He said that before implementig the e-port platform of Toplogis, it will take about 3 to 4 hours for the bonded customs declaration data to be written off. After the e-port platform is introduced, the current entire bonded customs declaration and write-off process will only takes 10-15 minutes, which greatly shortens the working time. In addition, the accuracy of the entire operation data has also increased from about 80% before importing to 99% at present.

He emphasized that in order not to affect the company's daily operations, there is no extra time for line shutdown and system conversion during the introduction of e-port. Therefore, the entire conversion and import process of the old and new systems is quite difficult, but everything is worth it.

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