4PL Service

Innovative 4PL Service

Fouth-Party logistics (4PL) is a supply chain integrator, which integrates and manages different resources, capabilities and technologies owned by the company and provides one complete supply chain solutions.
4PL is responsible for all supply chain management, evaluating, designing, building, operating and evaluating solutions for customers.
4PL represents for customers and controls and manages the supply chain by supervising the warehouses, transportation companies, freight forwarders and agents.
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Advantages of 4PL service

  • 4PL will focus on consulting services and information technology services
  • The customer will not maintain excessive supervision over the outsourcing business, but allows the service to be managed by the 4PL company
  • 4PL has a comprehensive understanding of its customers' business operations.
  • 4PL will take care of all logistics needs as well as supervision and management.
  • 4PL companies tend to provide powerful integrated technology solutions.
  • The company can focus on other things by reducing the workload through outsourcing to 4PL.
  • Who is Toplogis?

    About Toplogis

    We are a provider of logistics system platform technology and value-added logistics management services to help our customers achieve global supply chain excellence and business objectives.

    Many major international companies have entrusted us to utilize the combination of our logistics system platform and value-added services to meet the needs of their supply chain and logistics operations in and out of Asia. Our platform has integrated with over 1000 global logistics service providers and trading partners, and over US$20 billion goods are shipped annually across the globe through our platform.