Use the amazing switch from Toplogis: G-Link data switch!

G-Link Client is a data switch that allows data exchange across various databases. It is installed on the computers of the enterprise and offers high-level functions, such as database safety settings, data encryption, storage and delivery, record transfers, logic checks, and exception notifications.
G-Link Server monitors the validity and timeliness of each data transmission from global G-Link Clients in the Data Center.
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Support the intergration of all common ERPs

  • -The first to use Interface to connect all kinds of data base (without writing code/importing swiftly)
  • GLink Server provides industry-leading EDI Solutions

  • Easily connect various DBs by setting
  • Intuitively UI of DB connection via web
  • Customize setting of interface to facilitate maintenance management easily
  • Auto-emails notification of abnormal data transmission
  • Advantages of GLink Client

  • Fast installation, data can be automatically mapped
  • Transmit each field of Interface through scheduling
  • Data transmission through intermediary tool to ensure information security
  • Easy to debug, provide complete Log
  • G-link Data Exchange Adaptor using technology of Application Programming Interface (Web service API) :
    There are many small-medium size of logistics service providers without sufficient capacity of information technology to fulfill customer’s need. Therefore, we provided a free-charged data interchange software – G-link adaptor can be used to rapidly integrate with more than 2,000 logistics service providers and customs clearance systems in Asia. At the same time, the number of connected logistics service providers and manufacturers increasing on our platform will form a barrier to competition.

    G-Link adaptor has the following advantages:
  • Easy implementation in one day only
  • Global transmission console
  • Role-specific adaptor/API with well-defined interfaces
  • Handle the Heterogeneity of database
  • Data encryption with user defined golden key