Ship easily with one touch!

  • Synchronize with global suppliers, managing each po/partial shipment at real-time
  • One touch to send pre-alert to notify global suppliers
  • Auto-match with correct HS code to generate import declaration form for custom declaration
  • End-to-End orchestration to reduce the lead time of importing by 50%

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    PO management

  • Change delivery schedule
  • Cancel PO
  • Partial delivery
  • Import management

  • Supplier shipment management
  • Automate shipping documents generation
  • Pre-arrival/arrival management

  • Shipment management
  • Advanced shipping notice
  • Broker notice
  • Freight pickup notice
  • LSPs/customs integration

  • Orchestrate with LSPs
  • Receive the INV/PAK and custom clearance
    status in real-time
  • Automate re-export tax exemption process
  • Alert configuration

  • Global Event Manager (GEM) to automate
    alert configuration
  • Automate cargo status updating
  • BI

  • Freight cost per unit shipped
  • On-time depart rate
  • On-time ship rate
  • Order fulfillment lead time
  • Average order confirmation time
  • Perfect order measure
  • PC motherboard


    Gigabyte, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, was faced with various global supply chain challenges in achieving compressed product cycle time, accurate and on-time delivery of customer orders, timely communications, and the supply chain visibility.

    This was further complicated by hundreds of suppliers and customers around the globe, making both inbound and outbound logistics very complex operations. more...