The third-party vendors are all small and medium-sized enterprises, do not have professional IT personnel to assist in replying to logistics information?
LSP-Portal is a good helper for communication with third-party vendors.
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Let LSP-Portal help you:

LSP-Portal is your helper to communicate with third-party vendors.
Through LSP-Portal, third-party vendors can directly provide quotations, reply to cargo status and logistics information, and request payment and reconciliation.
The system helps you track the status of the goods; when you request the payment, you can quickly compare it with the quotation through the platform to verify whether the payment information meets the quotation.
Make complicated logistics payment reconciliation simpler and clearer! It is a convenient communication bridge between third-party manufacturers and customers!

Who is Toplogis?

About Toplogis

We are a provider of logistics system platform technology and value-added logistics management services to help our customers achieve global supply chain excellence and business objectives.

Many major international companies have entrusted us to utilize the combination of our logistics system platform and value-added services to meet the needs of their supply chain and logistics operations in and out of Asia. Our platform has integrated with over 1000 global logistics service providers and trading partners, and over US$20 billion goods are shipped annually across the globe through our platform.