To keep up with the “Smart Age”, you must have three major truck devices:

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The team is equipped with three artifacts: TMS+VRP+GPS,
You are the most efficient smart fleet!

  • Shipment Aggregation
  • Mode Selection
  • Shipment Consolidation
  • Pooling/Cross-docking
  • Routing/Milk-run
  • DC Bypass
  • Shipment (Load) to Carrier Assignment Based on Capacity Constraints and Rates

    Routing Guide Optimization

    Rule-based, Parameter Driven Assignment

    Reload/backhaul Assignment to Increase Load Ratio

    Reload/backhaul Assignment to Increase Load Ratio

    Successful cases in the logistics service industry

    Chinese Maritime Transport Ltd.

    Chinese Maritime Transport Ltd. and its subsidiaries are currently engaged in the operation of international carriers, inland container trailer transportation, and container distribution stations. One of the largest container shipping companies in Taiwan.
    Through this project, E-TMS ® dispatches container flexibly across Taiwan, and delivers empty/heavy containers to designated stations and locations in the country in time according to customer needs, and the on board diagnostics device controls the entire process and interacts with the driver intelligently. more...