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Toplogis 2023 Manager team building:Completed the feat of cycling around the island in nine days

When we think of "courage", we may imagine heroic figures such as firefighters, soldiers, or police officers who face extreme situations. However, at Toplogis, we believe that courage is not just shown in times of crisis, but also in the quality of continuing to move forward with determination in the face of various challenges and hardships.

Recently, ten colleagues from different departments at Toplogis proved this kind of courage in a nine-day cycling trip around the island of Taiwan. Despite their various backgrounds and skills, they all share one common trait: they persistently pursue excellence in their work and maintain a passion and courage for facing challenges.

This nine-day cycling trip was not only a physical challenge but also a spiritual one. Along the way, our colleagues endured various difficulties, climbing uphill, traversing rough terrain and plains, and enduring hot weather and rain, but they never gave up. Even when their bodies had reached their limits, they supported, encouraged, and helped each other, eventually crossing the finish line together. This journey was the strongest, most united, and most resilient trip in our company's ten-year history.
We deeply believe that "the purpose of an organization is to enable ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results." In this event, our colleagues' courage, perseverance, and persistence undoubtedly shone brightly in the Toplogis family. Their achievements are not only a recognition of individuals but also a reflection of our company culture. We are proud of them and hope that this event will inspire more colleagues to show courage in facing challenges in both work and life.

Toplogis's CEO Catherine Peng to attend the AWE Regional Summit in Malaysia 2023 as a speaker

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) invited Toplogis's CEO Catherine Peng to attend the AWE Regional Summit in Malaysia from March 6th to 8th, 2023 as a speaker. She shared about the Technology Trends that Business Should Adopt, representing Taiwan.
Officials and female entrepreneurs from dozens of countries such as Singapore, New Zealand, and Thailand attended the summit and praised Taiwan's female entrepreneurs for their application of technology in business.
During her speech, Catherine Peng mentioned that in the post-pandemic era, digital transformation using intelligent technology is accelerating in all types of businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises.
Taiwan, being a technology island, has female entrepreneurs who excel in applying digital technology to traditional industries and even expanding international markets with digital technology. She mentioned that she founded Toplogis because she saw that the workload of import and export personnel in Taiwan was too high, leading to overtime work. She said, "I am a problem solver. When I solve a problem, I care about the people in this industry as well as the future outlook of the industry."
After her speech, representatives from various countries personally expressed their appreciation to CEO Catherine Peng, with one representative saying, "Catherine, I like your sharing."

Toplogis interviewed by reporters about Smart Star Award

The Taoyuan City Economic Development Bureau held the "111 Years Taoyuan City Gold Medal Enterprise Excellence Award" award ceremony at the end of last year.
Toplogis won the smart star award.
Most of the 15 award-winning companies are major manufacturing companies and large hospitals. Toplogis is the only logistics cloud platform and the only information service company in history. The energy that the company radiates at the awards venue has amazed everyone. The reporter interviewed Peng Lizhen, the CEO of the company.

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Toplogis won The Execllent Enterprise Award- Smart Star Award

Good news! Good news broadcast! 🥳🥳🥳
Toplogis won The 111 Annual Excellent Enterprise Award- Smart Star Award in Taoyuan City.
Toplogis Co., Ltd. would like to share this joy with the enterprises and partners who have supported us for a long time.

The competition was fierce this time. Out of tens of thousands of companies and major manufacturers, Toplogis won the "Smart Star Award" and we are the only information software service provider to win this award.
It is also the first award-winning cloud platform manufacturer over the years~

GLORY@Platform is the largest logistics cloud platform in Taiwan.
GLORY@Platform has been used by many international companies to manage their global supply chains and perform international logistics collaborations. Our most important mission is to implement digital transformation and intelligent management for Taiwan's manufacturing industry's global supply chain and international logistics, which has been consistent for 18 years!
All colleagues in Toplogis will continue to work hard to reach the next peak in the high-tech manufacturing industry in the world!

p.s. On the same day, the two platform customers of Toplogis also won awards, so I am honored 😊

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Catherine Peng serves as the president of GLCT North District, and makes the debut the intelligent virtual assistant Ms.Glory.

Our CEO Catherine Peng serves as the president of GLCT North District, and makes the debut the intelligent virtual assistant Ms.Glory.

Toplogis and Global Logistics & Commerce Council of Taiwan (GLCT) held the "Supply Chain and Logistics Cloud Platform Innovation Conference and GLCT North Branch Inauguration Conference" at Heyi Hotel in Taoyuan today. At the meeting, James, the CEO of Georgia Institute of Technology in Asia, was invited to share on the topic of "Innovative thinking of smart supply chain and logistics " and the representative from Gartner’s Singapore office share the practical application of smart operations through video. They both analyze the situation under the hood of the pandemic and share the key to the transformation of an enterprise during the pandemic.

GLCT said that according to the recent research, only "Track & Trace" in the international logistics services are obviously insufficient, and "reducing overall logistics costs" has become the primary factor of concern for both Shippers and the LSP. Toplogis has been focused on using technology as the means and service as the core competence to provide smart solutions for companies to manage complex global supply chains and international logistics issues, thus promoting the birth of "Taiwan's first intelligent logistics assistant Ms.Glory". At present, GLORY@Platform is Taiwan’s largest logistics cloud platform. More than 100 high-tech manufacturing industries and more than 2,000 international logistics companies use this platform to deliver goods to the world. Taiwan's industry is experiencing rapid technological advances on the one hand, and declining birthrates on the other hand impacting the manpower needs of enterprises. Both the corporates and logistics companies have had to face the huge impact of declining birthrates and advanced technology. It is important to provide companies with "technology as a means and service as the core competence" to solve complex supply chain and logistics problems and Toplogis has been focus on this area for long time.

In order to expand services to all levels, GLCT held the inauguration ceremony of the North Branch at the same day. GLCT hopes to deepen the services of logistics by connecting the general office and the three branches of North, Central and South to work together to move forward to a new era of smart logistics. President Su Longde led the North District President Peng Lizhen, Taichung Chapter President Li Mingxue, Kaohsiung Chapter Zhang Conglian, and the board of directors and supervisors to complete the ceremony. Through the connection of the headquarter with the North, Central, and South three districts, it provides comprehensive services for Taiwan’s industries and become the best logistics partner for the industry.

Taiwan's largest cloud platform GLORY@Platform Innovation Conference and GLCT North Branch Inaugural Meeting

台灣最大物流雲平台GLORY@Platform創新發表會暨GLCT北區分會成立大會 後疫情時代,國際企業開始大量導入人工智能資訊服務以提高貨物運輸效率,反觀台灣仍四處觀望。 然各級產業導入AI已勢不可擋 故長期提供智慧-供應鏈與物流雲平台服務之 #運籌網通 偕同 #運籌發展協會 籌備本場會議! 以 #科技為手段 #服務為核心,探討企業如何透過Glory 3.0 AI解決複雜全球供應鏈及國際物流問題。 竭誠歡迎各界來趟智慧物流知識之旅。🤓

📅會議時間: 109年11月18日(星期三) 下午1:30-4:30
📍會議地點: 和逸飯店‧桃園館‧
指導單位: 經濟部工業局
主辦單位: 運籌網通(股)公司
執行單位: 社團法人台灣全球商貿運籌發展協會
#Toplogis #運籌網通 #GLORY #GLCT #智慧物流 #MissGLORY #人工智能

Post-epidemic, female entrepreneurs embrace the new trend of digital transformation

[Venue] 6th Floor, No. 88, Yanchang Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City (Taipei Cultural and Creative Multifunctional Hall F)

[Time] September 25, 109 (Friday) 13:00-17:00

[Organizer] SME Division, Ministry of Economic Affairs

A recent post on Facebook:
"Monthly salary of 250,000 but can't buy happiness"

We would like to share that at the September Women’s Entrepreneurship Gathering, we have observed a group of leaders who gain spiritual happiness in their daily lives and also take care of their employees!

#Toplogis’s CEO Peng Lizhen: Not to be eliminated by the times, often ask what is the smartest way

Toplogis ushered a new employee this year, Miss Glory, who introduced customer service into the AI response application system. The data behind is that the customer service team has sorted the accumulated over 65,000 customer service records into 28 types over the years. Only with such a database can Miss Glory accurately reply to customer messages.

In terms of leadership, the CEO is also very trendy. She takes employees to climb top100 mountains in Taiwan and chats with employees about online shopping, so that supervisors and partners not only talk about work, but accidentally open up many topics.

CEO Peng Lizhen was invited to participate in the 2019 “Ministry of Transportation Smart Logistics Symposium”

Ministry of Transport launches "Cross-border Smart Logistics" to smoother domestic transportation

Taiwan occupies a hub position in East Asia, whether it is land, sea or air, and the Ministry of Transportation is now making every effort to develop "cross-border smart logistics". The forum is promoted by Taiwan International Ports Corporation, hoping to integrate e-commerce platforms ,smart warehouse and the entire logistics industry to make domestic transportation more fluent.

The double 11 shopping war is about to start. The logistics and warehouses of various home appliances are filled with goods, and the computer assists in accelerating the shipment. With the economic growth and the increasing demand of online shopping, the Ministry of Transport also held a "Cross-border New Logistics-Smart Omni-channel" symposium, hoping to combine the application of technology with logistics to make the logistics of goods more efficient.

Chunghwa Post's smart logistics park has joined forces with e-commerce companies to build it at a cost of 20 billion, introduce a number of automation equipment, industrial transformation and upgrading, upper and lower integration, and implementation of smart transportation.

Lin Jialong said: "Artificial intelligence and big data analysis, combined with unmanned vehicles, can build Taiwan into a smart logistics kingdom. Taiwan is an island country. Regardless of land, sea, air, railway, highway, telecommunications and postal services, these are all related to logistics."

With the advent of the 5G application era, logistics combined with technology and drones will not only make domestic logistics smoother, but also accelerate integration, and the efficiency of Taiwan's goods in the international circulation.

(Minshi News / Lin Shanting, Yao Jiading, Taipei Report)

Our CEO Mrs. Peng was invited to be the guest speaker of Taiwan-U.S joint initiatives at the Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit

This year (2019) received the invitation of the American Association in Taiwan (AIT) for the first time to jointly hold the "Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit" in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 16.

President Tsai Ing-wen, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Meihua, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Xie Wuqiao, and Director of the American Institute in Taiwan Li Yingjie all came to the meeting to discuss with representatives of various countries and outstanding female entrepreneurs at home and abroad to share the achievements of economic empowerment of women.

In addition to representatives from Taiwan and the United States at this summit, officials from 15 countries in the Indo-Pacific region, experts and scholars, and female leaders from various industries were also invited to Taiwan, including Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand to share their female empowerment experience in the professional field.

Catherine Peng, CEO of Toplogis, was invited to attend the breakout discussion of skills cultivation and connecting women's power with the enterprise performance.

Mrs. Peng shared her own entrepreneurial experience and how to balance between career and family, and organizational characteristics of Toplogis to the audience who want to start a business!

The CEO hopes to tell everyone the importance of education through this public event, and not to be limited in the beginning to prevent losing more learning opportunities!

For more exciting sharing, please click the FB live video of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs!

Our CEO Mrs. Peng was invited to be one of the representative to attend 2019 APEC PPWE

Women empowerment! Taiwan’s female entrepreneurs’ achievements have been eye-catching and have received global attention. The Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and US AIT will jointly hold the "Women's Economic Empowerment Summit" on April 16. It is expected to invite representatives from 15 countries including the United States, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, and female leaders in related fields to participate and share the experience of Taiwan’s female empowerment in order to expand international cooperation to face the trend of globalization.

The Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit on April 16 specifically targeted the topic of ``Managing work-life Balance'', ``Women Using Tech for Good'', ``Unleashing Women Entrepreneurs'' and "Women's Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP)". These special speeches are plaining to build the soft and hard power of women in the industry, and enhance the participation and leadership of women leaders in the business.

This event will invite women representatives from the United States, the Indo-Pacific, and the private sector to come to Taiwan including Kathryn Kaufman, the managing director of OPIC and Professor Lin Xia from the University of Virginia, who is also an independent director of the Goldman Sachs Group Asia Bank. Furthermore, the Vice President of ICSB Winslow Sargeant, He Limei from TSMC and the Private investment representative Ms. Liu Qiying are all invited to discuss with the outstanding Taiwan’s female entrepreneurs, sharing the achievements of female entrepreneurship and expanded international cooperation network. The event will be held in Taipei Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

According to the 2018 SME White Paper, the proportion of female entrepreneurs in Taiwan is as high as 36.41%, indicating that the vigorous development of female enterprises will also bring more possibilities for Taiwan’s economic development and technological innovation. As the tide of female entrepreneurship rises, the government has released many resources in recent years to actively assist small and medium-sized enterprises in seeking business opportunities and accelerating internationalization, including the National Development Fund’s Entrepreneurship Angel Project, the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Feiyan Project for Women’s Entrepreneurship, and the innovation research of service industry (SIIR), the Small Business Innovative Research and Development Program (SBIR), and the Ministry of Labor’s micro-entrepreneurship Phoenix loan. This year, the Feiyan program of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Division will handle the transformation of accelerators to cultivate potential female elite entrepreneurs to assist them in gaining capital and markets, linking with international accelerators, and outshine in the international market.

The press conference invited the representatives of outstanding female entrepreneurs who won the Women's Entrepreneurship Elite Competition to show their views and how government's resources to support women's entrepreneurship.

Catherine Peng, the winner of the 2018 Women’s Entrepreneurship Elite Competition, CEO of Toplogis, founded Taiwan’s largest logistics cloud platform and provided integrated information services for more than 100 listed companies. This April will represent Taiwan to participate in Vietnam 2019 APEC Partners in Women and Economic Policy (PPWE) Forum. Adhering to the altruistic spirit to contribute to the female economy in the future, Mrs. Peng will also join the Feiyan Project Accelerator Group to assist more female entrepreneurs to expand their international horizons and improve their ability to apply technology. In recent years, with the rise of the digital economy and experience economy have provided great opportunities for women’s entrepreneurship and business innovation. Utilizing technology to assist female entrepreneurs in their company’s digital transformation has become a global issue. Wang Peiyu, director of Jiadian Creative Co., Ltd., provides innovative solutions for customers.

In addition to the award of the Women's Entrepreneurship Elite Competition, she was also selected as the Ministry of Economic Affairs New Venture Award. The increased media exposure due to the awards has not only greatly increased the company's reputation, but also won the support of many government resources. In 2018, she obtained SIIR subsidies with brand-new platform products, and promoted music products to government agencies, becoming one of the newly created joint supply contract procurement suppliers of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Taoyuan Industry Big Future Trend Summit Forum

Taoyuan City Government Economic Development Bureau sponsored the "Taoyuan Industry Big Future Trend Summit Forum" to create a new opportunity for Taoyuan to become a smart airport. The agenda of "People and Logistics in the Era of Smart Airport" invites three well-known logistics and transportation and information industries.
Characters: (from left to right) Mr. Bi Zhongwei, General Manager of Ubers International Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch, Ms. Peng Lizhen, CEO of Toplogis Co., Ltd., Chen Muzhen, Professor of Transportation Research Institute and Master of Transportation Logistics, Jiaotong University Doctors participated in the forum and Mr. You Wenxiang, Chairman of Taiwan Global Operations Development Association, served as the introduction host (right), sharing the new trend of intelligent airport (ICT) traffic and logistics through cloud and big data application analysis.

In recent years, major airports around the world have been actively developing to enhance their competitiveness. Taiwan’s neighboring airports are also actively investing resources in expanding software and hardware facilities and improving service quality to increase the airport’s capacity for passenger and logistics services. In this fierce international air transport market, Taoyuan International Airport must master its own SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) to expand Taoyuan Airport’s economic advantages, create a larger air transport market, and drive the industrial development of Taoyuan City.

Based on this, the Economic Development Bureau of Taoyuan City Government held the "Taoyuan Industry Big Future Trend Summit Forum-Creating New Opportunities for Taoyuan to Achieve a Smart Airport" on October 20, inviting domestic and foreign companies in air transportation and airport operations, logistics management, supply chain management, and production. Experts and scholars of medical technology and information communication technology shared and discussed the development trend of Taoyuan's industry centered on Taoyuan Aviation City, making Taoyuan a leader in Taiwan's industrial development. Just as Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan said at the opening: "In the Aviation City project, creating an airport economy is an important issue, which will bring about the development of animal logistics and the effect of industrial upgrading, and the future will also move towards the next generation of industries."

The industrial development of Taoyuan City occupies an important position and considerable output value in Taiwan's economic development. Just like, Mayor Zheng mentioned: "Taoyuan’s industrial output value is the highest in Taiwan for 12 consecutive years. The output value is twice that of Hsinchu. Taoyuan has a strong manufacturing base, such as automobiles, optoelectronics, biotechnology, chemicals, solar energy, optoelectronics and other industries. A complete industrial settlement is formed in Taoyuan. Taoyuan is also the logistics base of Taiwan. Air logistics accounts for 95% of Taiwan. Coupled with the "dual port effect" adjacent to Taipei Port, there are 1671 registered logistics companies in Taoyuan, an industry in Taoyuan City. The foundation is sufficient to support the aviation city plan. At the same time, "Taoyuan is also the largest wind power generation base. The airport economy will bring about logistics base effects and industrial production effects."

Based on these strong economic conditions and in line with future international industry development trends, Taoyuan City’s future industrial development plan is just like the Mayor Zheng said: "In the Aviation City project, Taoyuan will move towards the next generation of industries, including Logistics, biotechnology, cloud, solar photovoltaic, new energy, etc., in the future aviation city plan, there are 150 hectares of free trade zone and 500 hectares of production area. It is expected that the logistics industry will reach 2500, making it the largest logistics base in Taiwan. "

With the solid economic foundation, overall industrial future planning and implementation plan, Taoyuan has a great opportunity to become an international production and logistics base, as well as a cross-strait e-commerce logistics base. To achieve these visions and goals, it is not only necessary to enhance the international competitive advantage of Taoyuan Aviation City, but also to strategically alliance with neighboring airports. As the Deputy Director of Airport Operations of the Hong Kong Airport Authority said in his speech, the neighboring airport branch plans to increase connectivity Sex. Mr. Fei Hongjun, general manager of Taoyuan International Airport Co., Ltd., also mentioned in the [Innovative Business Opportunities of Hub Airports] Forum: "Smart airports are not reachable by a single airport, but require clusters." That is, to be close. The airport is integrated into an airport service supply chain. General Manager Fei believes that in the airport service supply chain, "logistics is the strength of Taoyuan International Airport."

The author participated in the [People and Logistics Flow in the Era of Smart Airports] forum. The host was Mr. You Wenxiang, Chairman of Taiwan Global Operations Development Association. The interviewers also included Ms. Peng Lizhen, CEO of Toplogis., and Ubisoft International Co., Ltd. Mr. Bi Zhongwei, general manager of Taiwan branch. In the introduction, Chairman Yu expressed his views on the theme of the forum. He believes that the improvement of the flow of people and logistics management efficiency "needs sensory equipment, including logistics operation technology, successful connection of information, etc., all need to rely on the cloud and big data. End-to-end analysis to solve what's happening on the front-end.” And, “The smooth and fast connection and communication between the Internet and the Internet, and the Internet between things to solve things, can be regarded as a smart airport.” Chairman Yu also Mentioned: In terms of logistics: "Transportation, warehousing, linkages between airports and free economic trade zones, customs clearance, and information sharing platforms are all key elements of smart logistics. With Taoyuan’s regional advantages, supplemented by the development of industrial clusters’ output value, Smart airports can provide a foundation for business model enhancement."

In the cross-talk forum, CEO Peng explained on 4PL’s point of view: “The cloud platform is a sharing economy model. Through cloud computing technology, it helps customers plan the way of delivery of goods. At the same time, it also helps customers solve after-sales service problems. Be able to know the cargo status and progress, and proactively report the cargo status to international customers.” CEO Peng also pays attention to the development of e-commerce, suggesting that “Taoyuan should incorporate e-commerce logistics into the future development, because e-commerce is highly profitable and the logistics industry is required. The Asia-Pacific e-commerce consumption power accounts for 44% of the world, so Taiwan’s logistics industry has great opportunity.” At the same time, she also suggested: “Logistics is not competitive without IT. Singapore incorporates logistics information and communications into national infrastructure projects. This type of construction is only effective if the government does it."

General Manager Bi explained the importance of air cargo tracking and timeliness, "UPS has 16 million pieces of cargo every day, and these cargoes can be tracked at any time on the Internet." Cargo tracking requires information system integration, and logistics operators must pay attention to information and the development of communication technology, because "information flow is very important, the logistics industry has exceeded the scope of transporting goods in the past, and the future development is unpredictable." In addition, he also put forward a suggestion: "Many industries in Taiwan are relocated overseas. How Taoyuan International Airport increase the attraction to be a transit airports is a big issue.” In terms of logistics costs and customer service, General Manager Bi believes: “Customers are becoming more and more concerned about transportation costs. As the customer’s supply chain becomes more developed, customers need a one-stop shopping service that can meet various needs at the same time to enhance their competitiveness." At present, big data-related technologies are developing rapidly. He also provided UPS experience for participants to refer to. "Big data can calculate the performance and effectiveness of different departments to help identify problems."

In the cross forum, the author also put forward his views from the academic perspective, "Taoyuan has more than 1,600 logistics companies, and Mayor Zheng mentioned that the aviation city project aims at 2,500. Amsterdam is the gateway between the Netherlands and Europe, with only There are 150 logistics companies, so when we set our target at 2500, we believe that the competitive advantage of Taoyuan Aviation City’s logistics services can be greatly improved.” At the same time, “from Singapore’s experience, Singapore’s pragmatic approach to logistics policies is a lesson for Taiwan." Generally speaking, logistics cooperates with the development of the industry, but I believe that in some cases, logistics can also drive the development of the industry. Take Singapore’s biotechnology industry as an example. “It’s logistics drives business flows. First, a logistics environment suitable for the development of biotechnology will be set, which will attract the world’s top ten biotechnology R&D centers to set up their Asian headquarters in Singapore. Taiwan used to ignoring the to develop supporting industries, the logistics industry really needs to be taken seriously."

In the current business environment, it is not the competition between enterprises, but the supply chains. The same applies to the planning and operation of smart airports. It is not the competition between the airport and the airport, but the competition between supply chains and airport service. Therefore, Taoyuan International Airport must strengthen its partnership with neighboring airports, and it should be able to play a key role in the airport service supply chain in the future.

Author: Dr. Chen Muzhen, in-service professor of the Institute of Transportation and Master of Transportation and Logistics, Jiaotong University

CEO won the praise of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

With agreat ambition as a lion and be tactful as fox Ms. Catherine Peng from the Toplogis Inc.: My Philosophy of Life is Entrepreneurship

“A Prince must imitate the fox and lion, one must be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves” Ms. Catherine Peng has drawn upon “The Prince” writing by Niccolò Machiavelli. She believes her business will be smoothly and facilitated if an entrepreneur is not only with a great ambition as a lion, but also a more worldly-wise wisdom like a fox. As a biggest cloud logistic platform in Taiwan, the Toplogis Inc was found by Ms. Catherine Peng in 2004, after that, it has successfully obtained US$5 million from investors in 2005.

Foresee the Rise of a New Cloud Business Model

Ms. Catherine Peng was majoring in the department of mathematics and likes to organize the complicated situation and provide the solution based on the modeling. She has observed the problems of enterprise logistics and a new business model of the CRM from the Salesforces. Therefore, she has contributed NT$10 million to organize the team and developed the first could platform of supply chain logistics in Taiwan, called GLORY@ Platform, which was a new business model and promoted on the market by charging a monthly fee with calculating the network traffic.

However, there was no customers would like to be a lab rats at the beginning. Only the GIGABYTE was convinced to utilize this platform with a free trail in the first six months of the year. After a half a year, this platform helps the GIGABYTE to decrease the costs dramatically by 30% and the other clients- the MediaTek Inc. (a large company in Taiwan) used it when they know the outcome from the GIGABYTE.

Currently, this platform has many long-term leases from more than 100 listed companies and cooperates with over 1,000 logistic companies to offer the online service which contributes 10 million big data cloud. It also consequently helps enterprises to shorten the time of preparation by average 50% and reduce 30% of total logistic cost in average.

And now, this platform has been attracting various famous large-scale enterprises to invest and be its members of board of directors, such as the Evergreen Group, the SmartFinance Group and etc. As a result, this cloud platform with a new business model is becoming a mainstream.

A blessing/disaster in Disguise, to Find Business Opportunities in Crisis

The Toplogis Inc had almost closed by 2008 because of the financial crisis and Ms. Catherine Peng faced a lot of stress from her business and family. Nevertheless, she still believes this platform with a good business model will be successful. Then, she has observed a lot of business sectors started redundancy and it caused a lot of administrative problems, especially for the logistic industry. It became a new business opportunity form the financial crisis. The toplogis Inc promoted an outsourcing package to these sectors, which combines with automatic system of this platform and reduces the logistic process and operation. It added additional revenue from the outsourcing package and safely passed this financial crisis.

In 2017, the revenue of the Toplogis Inc were over 100 million and reached a milestone. Ms. Catherine Peng started to actively participate in Corporate Social Responsibility and invested new business for growing up the company. For example, supporting the TT MAKER co-working space establishment and coaching young entrepreneurs. Now, Ms. Catherine Peng not only extends the overseas market, but also looks for a new young talents as successors with new technology knowledge.

With agreat ambition as a lion and be tactful as fox.
-CEO Ms. Catherine Peng

The CEO was invited to attend the 8th Female Entrepreneurship Elite Competition

Women's Entrepreneurship Elite Shows a New of Women's Power

The list of winners of the 8th Women’s Entrepreneurship Elite Contest was officially announced. This year, there are four different categories of "Elite Category-Excellent Elite Group", "Elite Category-Inheritance and Innovation Category", "New Creation Category-Technology Innovation Category", and "Innovation Category-New Venture Group". There are 10 entrepreneurial women were selected from 105 female entrepreneurial elites across the country.

The SME Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has entered the 8th edition of the "Female Entrepreneurship Elite Competition". The media and guests gathered on the scene, and Dr. Ryan Engen, Economic Officer of the American Association in Taiwan (AIT) was invited as the award presenter. This year’s ceremony also invited a number of Feiyan sisters as introductions, including Chen Anhui, Director of Enpei International Investment, Zhang Xiufeng, CEO of Belks Biotechnology, He Xihao, Chairman of Kuanfeng Industry, and Peng Lizhen, CEO of Toplogis. Share the secrets of success and thank the government for providing such good resources to make the business activities of domestic female companies more active.

Female Business Competition   Hope to Drive More People to Dream Bravely

The "Female Entrepreneur Elite Competition" is a female entrepreneurial competition that has attracted the most attention of female entrepreneurs in Taiwan and has great significance. The competition started in May, and the judging committee is composed of leaders in many professional fields such as marketing, venture capital, and finance. After several months of review process, 10 winners were selected. And this year's competition has a diverse entrepreneurial field, with technological and international trends, which shows that entrepreneurial women are gradually getting rid of traditional business models and are moving towards more diversified development. Huang Liyan, CEO of Leo Burnett Group and President of Greater China, is also encouraged by the judging panel to encourage all female dream chasers who are brave to start a business, not only based in Taiwan, but also internationally, and continue to pursue their ideals.

He Jincang, director of the SME Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said that he hopes that through the Women’s Entrepreneurship Elite Competition, she can recognize outstanding female business leaders in various fields. Inspire more female friends to chase their dreams bravely, invest in entrepreneurship, enhance the economic power and competitiveness of Taiwanese women, and let the world see the manifestation of Taiwanese women's power.

The discount plan of top three vehicle routing plan!

Taiwan's first BPO on SaaS conference draw great attention

Taiwan's first BPO on SaaS conference was held on November 3, 2009. There were many of well-known Taiwanese software companies and high-tech industry supply chain and logistics executives. During the meeting, Section Chief Lin Junxiu of the Knowledge Service Group of the Industrial Bureau explained the development trend of SaaS and explained the relevant favorable policies of the government to guide the transformation of the information service industry to SaaS!

Peng Lizhen, CEO of Toplogis, proposed the innovative service model of BPO on SaaS and the successful cases used in high-tech industry supply chains and logistics platforms at home and abroad, showing amazing BPO on SaaS benefits!

In recent years, "Software as a Service" (SaaS) has become an emerging business model of the information service industry, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has gradually developed into an information technology platform based on SaaS service model, which uses external resources and professional labors to increase efficiency, not only allows companies to focus more on the core competitiveness of their own businesses, but also effectively and flexibly use external resources to reduce internal costs when faced with the pressure of the economic downturn. The innovative service model of BPO on SaaS is based on the use of a powerful SaaS technology platform to significantly reduce manpower before outsourcing. Lin Junxiu, Section Chief of the Knowledge Service Group of the Industrial Bureau, said: ``This innovative BPO on SaaS services are in line with the high-standard outsourcing requirements of the international market, and are also an important direction for the future transformation of the information service industry!''

Toplogis has been deeply involved in the global supply chain and logistics collaboration platform (GLORY Platform) SaaS service model for many years. The platform can provide more than 6000 functions on-demand! The service team and maintenance machine room have passed the information of BS7799 and ISO27001 safety certificate. At present, dozens of international customers and more than 1,000 domestic and foreign logistics service providers are working together on the logistics platform. Every year, more than 100 billion US dollars of goods are quickly delivered to global customers through the platform! Toplogis was selected by the Industrial Bureau in 2007 and became the first successful SaaS case under the guidance of the Industrial Bureau. The name of the plan is: "SaaS Operating Model Sharing ", that is, to share the SaaS service mechanism of Yuncai Netcom through information security and service certification with the information service industry partners, to help the information service industry partners quickly enter the SaaS service model, and jointly promote the innovative SaaS services. The current participating partners in the information service industry include Yonghui Synergy Network, Shuoyu Technology, Lianquan Information, and Yubo Information, respectively, who have announced innovative SaaS products and services at the conference.

Congratulation! Toplogis represented Taiwan and award in third place in the 2013 Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award for supply chain and logistics solutions!

Congratulations to the glory of Taiwan! Toplogis represented Taiwan and award in the third place in the 2013 Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award for supply chain and logistics solutions!

APICTA (The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) is the main industry exchange platform in the Asia-Pacific region. The APICTA Award is the most influential industrial telecommunications technology competition in the Asia-Pacific region, and is known as the Asia Pacific telecommunications technology Oscar. Every year, each Asia-Pacific economy promotes elite companies to participate in the Asia-Pacific competition and jointly compete for the APICTA Award. APICTA currently consists of 17 Asia-Pacific economies, including Taiwan, Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

The CEO, Catherine Peng was invited to participate in the inaugural meeting of the 4G Mobile Business Application Service Alliance

In order to accelerate the popularization of 4G mobile business application services, the Executive Yuan has instructed the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to be responsible for promoting 4G applications for small and medium-sized enterprises and to develop diverse and rich 4G mobile business application services. Yesterday, in addition to the announcement of the establishment of the 4G Mobile Business Application Service Alliance, the "4G Mobile Business Application Service Summit Forum" was held. Experts from industry, government, and academic gathered together to stimulate application design innovation for the future 4G mobile business application model.

When attending the forum, Zhang Shanzheng, vice president of the Executive Yuan, said that whether mobile applications can be implemented in 4G, the focus is on how to quickly expand the user group. The industry should consider where 4G is better than 3G when designing and applying it, and strengthen the application design in this area, especially the on the characteristics of 4G upload speed is better than the download speed. Zhang Shanzheng said that he was very happy to see that 30 industry players participated in the alliance. Toplogis is one of the industry representatives, and CEO Catherine Peng is the vice chairman of the alliance and the convener of the application group.

When attending the event yesterday, Executive Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Shen Rongjin also encouraged the industry to design 4G mobile business applications that make users feel "inspired", and the establishment of the alliance is a good start. In his speech, Zhao Wenlong, president of the 4G Mobile Business Application Service Alliance, said that since the advent of the Apple iPhone in 2007, the traditional business model has undergone major changes, the line between manufacturing and service industries have become increasingly blurred, and Internet, cloud, and mobile applications have become the major business models and important applications.

Zhao Wenlong used his experience working in the media industry as an example. The New York Times issued a report in March last year and pointed out that the future innovation lies in the digital innovation. However, Zhao Wenlong also reminded companies that it is not the establishment of a website and the use of the Internet to represent digital innovation. It is to abandon the old mindset and integrate digital mindset with the future development of the enterprise to find business opportunities for survival in the future.

The SME Office also announced yesterday the "Smart Leadership Program for SMEs", which is the first "Hami Pass Smart Leadership Program for SMEs" launched in cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom in the government's 4G mobile business application plan. It is estimated that it will benefit more than 30,000 domestic SME users, and the value of the preferential content will exceed NT$234 million, which can accelerate the convenience and innovative service value brought by 4G to SMEs and customer groups.

Japan 4G mobile business application service visit

Taiwan has entered the first year of 4G. The Executive Yuan has announced the main development of the "Accelerated Mobile Broadband Service and Industrial Development Plan": "Taiwan has entered the era of 4G mobile communications, implemented 4G mobile broadband services, built a mobile broadband friendly environment, and improved related Industrial development will enhance people’s digital life quality and national competitiveness.”

Japan is the first country in the world to build and promote 3G services. It is also one of the earliest countries in the world in the 4G era. Many cases in the development of 4G are often used Japan as references for the world.

The exchange and interaction of this visit and observation can promote the frequency of mutual visits between Taiwan and Japan in promoting 4G mobile business application services in the future, understand the development situation and trend of the local 4G mobile business market, and communicate with local industry players and learn about the field of mobile communication. Innovative technologies and mobile-related solutions to experience the most advanced trends and absorb new mobile communication knowledge as a reference for the promotion of the plan.

In addition, Japanese companies are invited to participate in exhibitions such as COMPUTEX in June or Information Month at the end of the year, and through more exchanges on trends in industrial development or technology development, to explore business opportunities and cooperation, such as alliances between the two parties.

Taitung's application services are upgraded again, and data is open to the cloud. "Taitung Cloud Data Collection Application Platform" won the 2017 Cloud IoT Innovation

The Taiwan Cloud Internet of Things Industry Association held the 2017 "Cloud Internet of Things Innovation Award" event. The list of winners was released today. The Taitung County Government stood out from the fierce competition with its "Cloud Data Collection Application Platform" and won the "Government Service Group Annual Outstanding Application Award"!

The annual "Cloud Internet of Things Innovation Award" can be called the Oscars of the domestic cloud industry. There are many projects and fierce competition in each session. This year’s awards ceremony was held at Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel. The annual outstanding application awards of the "Enterprise Innovation Group" and "Government Service Group" were presented. The awards were presented by Vice President Chen Jianren. Among them, the "Government Service Group" attracted a total of 23 participants this year, and the competition was fierce. Since the award was added to the "Government Service Group" in 2015, the Taitung County Government is the first local government agency that is not a municipality to receive this honor.

Yu Mingxun, director of the International Development and Planning Division of the Taitung County Government, said that the "cloud data collection application platform" integrates county government resources to build and share. GIS is used for decision-making assistance to the county government, and Open API and multiple authorization feedback mechanisms are used to provide creators to develop innovative applications. Taitung has used digital technology to break through its difficulties and become an "international, smart, happy city."

In order to enhance the application value of data, the Taitung County Government effectively integrates various resources and uses information technology to shorten the digital gap between urban and rural areas. Since 2014, it has established a data application platform-Taitung County Socio-Economic Database, and integrated with the county government. In addition to support the decision-maker in the government, the data in each bureau is also open to the public for viewing and browsing on specific topics. In order to strengthen the scope of data application and the convenience and security of access, the county government planned to build a TTCloud Taitung big data platform in 2016, which can provide the aggregated data to authorized personnel inside and outside the government to use it in API mode, including Text data, map locations, videos, and pictures can all be directly accessed using APIs, and relevant data of external application services can also be fed back to Taitung Big Data through APIs. Combining public and private sectors, makers and the people, enrich the content of the data and create Taitung cloud application ecosystem.

China Times-low cost and high efficiency to help companies go international

Toplogis has been operating cloud services for 10 years and is currently the largest supply chain and logistics cloud platform company in Taiwan. Catherine Peng, CEO of Toplogis, said that the emergence of 4G is like a highway for small and medium-sized enterprises to speed up creating value-added services. On the basis of the high way, enterprises can use less cost and enhance efficiency.

In the future 4G era, no matter what size of the company all will be able to stand out internationally in the future, and related value-added services and applications are also area that small-medium enterprise(SME) can play.

She cited two cases of foreign industry players. A Japanese beverage company launched an iButterfly campaign using a mobile app. The app provides different butterflies from all over Japan. As long as you download the app, you can know what butterflies are nearby. When the consumer’s location is at the right latitude and longitude, beautiful butterflies will appear in the app, and consumers can save the butterflies. If you accumulate the butterflies to a certain level, you can exchange butterflies for drinks. All of the children are enthusiastic in finding the butterflies for a while, and the company is able to increase its revenue by 20% to 30%.

This example shows that not only do companies make money, but consumers are also happy. In the future 4G era, we will see more mobile APP marketing applications.

Another example is the German car dealer mini cooper, which also increased its sales by 108% through online marketing. The company uses a map app to tell consumers that there is a mini cooper nearby. When consumers find it, they have to run fast, because if there are people around 50 meters, then they can take the car away. If you can keep this car for a week, you can get a mini cooper.

Large companies have always had a lot of budget for marketing, and SMEs really need an environment like the 4G era to do marketing. After the opening of the 4G highway, there will be many changes. Small and medium-sized enterprises should study the application of 4G and realize their marketing ideas.

In the case of logistics, the logistics company Toplogis has cooperated with Chunghwa Telecom Research Institute 10 years ago to develop Taiwanese logistics special vehicles, but in the future 4G era, logistics companies can do more things, for example, proof of delivery can be immediately sent back to the company, etc. After the logistics driver delivers the goods, the QR Code of the product serial number can also be scanned and sent back to the company for archiving. The customer's relevant information can be recorded and transmitted in the first time. Therefore, 4G and APP can solve problems that could not be solved in the past.

The President of Panama Pacific Special Economic Zone Visits Toplogis

Mr. Ricardo Diaz, Director of Promotion Division of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Panama, Mario Luis Cucalon D'Anello, Ambassador of Panama in China, and Mr. Javier Pariente, President of Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area, and Mr. Miguel Clare, General Manager of Panama ICT electronics industry and logistics service industry visit Taiwan to hold an investment briefing session to attract ICT electronic companies to invest in Panama. In the afternoon, they visited Toplogis. The Panama Pacifico Special Econimic Area, formerly known as the Howard US military base, has been transformed into a high value-added economy business service town. The new towns are actively attracting technology industries. Not only do the town has modern airport construction and facilities, the private sector has also invested hundreds of millions dollars to upgrade the communication facilities in the region. Five underground optical fiber cables mainly located in Panama provide the best telecommunication connection in Latin American countries to strengthen the infrastructure of its service-oriented economy. During this trip, personnel from the Panama Pacific Special Economic Zone visited Farglory Free Trade Port and Toplogis to share experience and lay the foundation for future cooperation.

In the age of 4G era, Small-Medium Enterprise to spot new business opportunities

The Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held the "2014 Small and Medium-sized Enterprise 4G Smart Mobile Business Summit Forum" on the 4th. The picture shows the participants- Toplogis CEO Peng Lizhen (from left), Microsoft Greater China R&D General Manager Zhang Renjiong, Executive Yuan Technology Zhong Jiade, Executive Secretary of the Report, Lin Meixue, Deputy Director of the SME Division, Tong Zixian, Chairman of the Taipei Computer Association, and Lin Guofeng, General Manager of Chunghwa Telecom Mobile Communications Branch.
Photo / Hong Xilong

In June this year, Taiwan officially entered the 4G mobile era. In order to build a mobile friendly environment, the Ministry of Economic Affairs SME Department held the "2014 SME 4G Smart Mobile Commerce" summit forum on the 4th to discuss how SMEs can respond with unprecedented speed and dynamic change, and in accordance with the company’s core competence, utilizing 4G smart mobile business services to spot business opportunities.

Participants at the forum included Zhong Jiade, Executive Secretary of the Executive Yuan Science and Technology Forum, Lin Meixue, Deputy Director of the SME Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Lin Guofeng, General Manager of Chunghwa Telecom Mobile Communications Branch, Peng Lizhen, CEO of Toplogis, and Zhang Renjiong, General Manager of Microsoft Greater China R&D And others, and Tong Zixian, chairman of the Taipei Computer Association and chairman of Pegatron Technology, gave a special speech on the topic of "4G Smart Mobile Business Trend".

The CEO was invited to participate in the Taiwan-Japan Smart Industry Exchange Forum

Facing the trend of the Internet of Things, the global industry is keen on the application of smart homes, and international manufacturers have successively developed the layout of smart home technologies, products and services under the Internet of Things. At present, key applications such as Wi-Fi and 4G-LTE technology have gradually deepened in life. With the help of the Internet of Things, how to make the "home" smarter and more energy-efficient, so that the family living in it can enjoy more convenient and safer Life has become the most concern subject for everyone.

Although the smart industry is still in the development stage and is still a long way from the popularization of large-scale applications, there will be considerable application and development opportunities in technology, chips, products and solutions in the future, which the industry's continued will pay attention to and prepare.

In view of the fact that the Japanese industry, government and academia are actively committed to the integrated development and application promotion of the smart energy-saving industry after the 311 earthquake, which has brought important influence and enlightenment to related domestic industries, "Taiwan 4G Mobile Business Application Service Alliance" and "Ministry of Economics SMEs In conjunction with the COMPUTEX Taipei International Computer Show, the "Taiwan-Japan Smart Industry Exchange Forum" will be held at the Humble House Le Méridien Xinyi District, Taipei City on June 2, 104. This forum is guided by the "Executive Yuan Science and Technology Conference Report Office" and invited important experts from all walks of life in the smart industry of Taiwan and Japan to attend the event. The theme of the event is Smart House and ECHONET Lite wireless transmission standards, and it is aimed at the current development of Taiwan and Japan's smart industry. And future trends, give lectures and share exchanges.

The forum will invite Vice President Zhang Shanzheng of the Executive Yuan to visit and guide, and invite the Japanese Smart House and ECHONET Lite masters in the field of Kanagawa University of Technology Professor Masao Isshiki, JASA corporate legal person Japan Embedded System Technology Association Shimizu Toru director, Nissho IIJ product headquarters Fumatoshi Keino, a senior consultant of the Product Development Department, shared the three major aspects of the development history and technical connotation of Japan's HEMS / ECHONET Lite, the current state of government promotion, the application case of Smart House, and the current development of smart life.

On the day of the event, Jiade Zhong, Executive Secretary of the Office of the Executive Yuan’s Science and Technology Conference, will be invited to serve as the moderator of the smart industry symposium, bringing together important industry-academic representatives and distinguished guests from Taiwan’s smart industry to have a theme conversation and interaction with well-known Japanese industry-academic representatives, hoping to use this opportunity to increase the awareness of domestic smart industry related businesses on the development of Japan's smart industry will further enhance their international perspectives and promote opportunities for international exchanges and cooperation, as a reference for future development of smart industries and entry into the international market.

The CEO was invited to attend the inauguration and exchange meeting of the Taoyuan City Government Ecological Logistics Project Office

20200326 Inauguration and Exchange Meeting of the Ecological Logistics Project Office of Taoyuan City Government

Taoyuan is a distribution center for the entire Taiwanese logistics industry. It has nearly 80% of the country’s logistics industry and about 2,000 logistics companies. The city government signed a contract with the international organization ICLEI (Local Government Council for Sustainable Development) on October 27, 2008, becoming the world’s first ecological city. The chairman of the logistics community, and a special office was established today. It will integrate the strength of the city government, industry, experts, scholars, and international organizations to actively promote sustainable development concepts such as space architecture, environmental ecology, transportation, and renewable energy to solve economic development Conflict with environmental protection and create a win-win situation.

The CEO was invited to attend the Ecological Logistics Training Workshop "Future City Logistics: Green, Smart and Sharing" exchanges

[Reporter Peng Huiwan / Taoyuan Report]
The Taoyuan City Ecological Logistics Project Office cooperated with ICLEI, the world's largest sustainable city organization, to jointly organize the "2020 Ecological Logistics Training and Innovation Exchange Workshop" in Taoyuan City today (8/11). Future City Logistics: Green, Wisdom and Sharing" as the theme, invites public and private sectors to participate, Taiwan’s start-up teams and forward-looking companies, from the last mile of low-carbon emissions, car networking, recycling packaging, green supply chain, smart robots, and wisdom Dispatching systems, smart platforms, smart wearables, green warehousing, sustainable logistics, etc. Lively discuss and promote innovative urban logistics or supply chain solutions such as ecology, carbon reduction, energy saving, wisdom and sharing, and create real-world landing practices to maximize and fulfill a sustainable city.

Qiu Junming, Executive Director of the Project Office, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, pointed out that Taoyuan is actively taking stock of, integrating and expanding various projects across the bureaus, planning logistics parks, smart transportation, green buildings, renewable energy, low-carbon transportation and waste. Promoted by policies such as material handling and supporting businesses to promote the implementation of Taoyuan’s ecological logistics and innovative solutions; Taiwan’s logistics industry and supply chain, with the rapid changes in consumption patterns and business models, have already adopted breakthrough practices and various intelligences. Technology and solutions are blooming. The Taiwan Chiyoda team also brought a follow me handling robot that can effectively improve handling efficiency for live demonstrations. CEO Qiu also personally conducts operations and interactions with the handling robots in different maneuvering modes, fully demonstrating the future logistics direction The development trend of smart transportation can also be used as one of the logistics solutions in the Daxi Commercial District Demonstration Zone. The project office will use various strategic cooperation modes, resource and facility sharing, internal vertical management, and external horizontal integration, so that cross-border collaboration will be more effective. Efficient, build a more complete and convenient smart IoT network.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Project Office, Director of Environmental Protection, Lu Lide, said that while promoting urban ecological logistics, Taoyuan City is also thinking about how to make logistics "cleaner, smarter, sustainable and people-oriented." Wang Boyong, the representative of the center in Asia, cuts in from the practical perspective of long-term cooperation with the industry, and shares the challenges, opportunities and successful examples of the EU and Asian cities in promoting low-emission and sustainable logistics; seamlessly integrates international green logistics and supply chains The development trend is to transform into a more resilient corporate ecosystem, economic development can also be environmentally friendly, creating a more practical communication platform in the public and private sectors, and co-constructing the world's sustainable urban logistics blueprint by copying successful experience.

Today includes Qiu Junming, Executive Director of the Ecological Logistics Project Office (Deputy Secretary-General of Taoyuan City Government), Dr. Zheng Zurui, head of ICLEI Ecological Logistics and Sustainable Transportation, and Industry Representative Lin Lijun, Chairman of Baocang Logistics Co., Ltd., and General Manager of World Union Logistics Co., Ltd. Manager Huang Mingzhong, Deputy Associate Zhu Shuxiang of EVA Logistics, Zhang Yanling, Marketing Director of Gaia Automobile Co., Ltd., Kobayashi Chaomei, General Manager of Taiwan Chiyoda Group Co., Ltd., Ye Dewei, CEO of Pikejia Co., Ltd., and CEO of Toplogis Co., Ltd. Peng Lizhen and others attended the meeting.