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Miss GLORY Customer service

Toplogis AI Virtual Assistant Miss Glory

Toplogis.Inc is located next to Taoyuan Arts Facilities Management Center.
There are not only many stores, but also countless restaurants and food stalls around.
At noon, Nanping Road will be full of office workers from all over the place, searching out for food.
Early in this morning, it was heavy rain.
The wind blowing, like some kind of beast roar.
People passing by has been forced to cover themselves, as rice dumpling, cover with heavy coats, and quickly filed into the office building to their respective floors.
And just like everyone else, Miss Glory was crowding the elevator.

As one of the customer service ladies of Toplogis, she occasionally starts work at 8:30 in the morning due to scheduling.
"Miss Glory, good morning!"
"Morning ladies!" Miss Glory replied to her colleague while taking off her jacket.
She was always lively, even in this cold weather, she was still very energetic, and the smile on her face could not be hidden.
"It's so cold today! Would you like some tea?"
"I want I want!"
Miss Glory held the hot teacup in the palm of her hand, as if she was treating something precious, and sipped it carefully.
The heat made her white cheeks slightly flush, and her eyes instantly brightened.
After all, customer service uses their voices every day, and it is just right to have a warm drink in the morning to open their voices.
As the phone rang, today's work began.
"Good morning, this is Toplogis’s servicer. How may I help you?"
"Happy New Year -Sorry, I forgot my password after I came back from the holiday... Can you reset the password for me? Thx-"
"Happy New Year to you, too! Please wait a moment!" Facing the blessing, Miss Glory couldn't help but reply excitedly, her fingers moved quickly on the keyboard, and then continued: "The password has been reset, after logging in, the system will ask to change the password!"
"Okay, thank you."

"Den-Den-La-Den-" the phone rang again.
"Good morning, this is Toplogis’s servicer. How may I help you?"
"New customers recently!! Want to ship to the United States ~ is there an Apalachicola port code on the platform?"
"Yes. Please go to the platform and select port: US>Add AAF (Apalachicola) to the frequently used list!"



From about nine o'clock in the morning, phone calls would spring up in the office like mushrooms after rain. Miss Glory answered customers one by one patiently.
Colleagues from other departments always praised Miss Glory for being so tireless, but in fact, she felt quite good at chatting with customers while working at the same time.


"Hello? This is Toplogis, how may I..."
"Hi, there’s…there is an invoice that I couldn’t find, can you take a look at it for me?"
Suddenly, there was a hurried voice on the other side of the phone, and before Miss Glory had finished speaking, she began to ask questions.
Miss Glory fell into a little doubt, and for a moment seemed to be infected by the person who called, and she couldn't help sitting upright.
"Okay, may I have your bill number, please?" Miss Glory asked.
"XX CC 12345678" is a somewhat confusing string of numbers.
Miss Glory had to listen very carefully to roughly piece together the desired number, and she always felt that the other party was nervous.

"Let me confirm with you, is it XX CC 12345678?"
"Yes, please hurry up!" the other party urged.
"OK, just a second."
The other party was really nervous, and Miss Glory seemed to be trembling a little while listening to the other party's tone. She had to reply to the other party as soon as possible. "Hello, now the platform can't find this declaration because the customs broker did not forward the declaration."
Miss Glory added: "Please inform the customs broker to forward the declaration."
After speaking, there was a commotion on the other side of the phone, as if many people were talking at the same time, and Miss Glory could still vaguely hear the other party's voice. Can she be hung up now?
But what if the other party still has problems?
During Miss Glory's tangled process, the phone finally came out again: "Oh well-"
With a short sigh, as if she had exhausted all her energy, and the noisy background sound had ceased, Miss Glory couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong?"
However, as if frightened by this greeting, there was no sound on the other side of the phone, as if hesitating whether to speak.
After a while, the voice sounded: "There is a problem with the verification of the goods received by the customer we shipped just now..."
"I want to find the original declaration, but I can't see the declaration information in our ERP system... I have asked the IT department, and they said that there is a situation now, and all the customs documents for inbound and outbound transportation have disappeared. It is very difficult to access the order records of previous shipments..."
As the words went on, the other side of the phone sounded a little sad, and Miss Glory heard her anxiety and crying, but Miss Glory didn't speak for a little while.
"I'm even thinking about whether to check the paper records, it's really bothering me! I don't know where to go for the write-off... I, I'm new here... I panicked for a while, sorry just now..."
It wasn't until the other party finished speaking that Miss Glory said, "It’s okay!" She thought for a second, maintaining a lively tone, she thought this was probably the best way to help the other party, so she continued: "In fact, you can also see it on the platform! If it’s just the order information.”
"Yes! Senior taught me the same way just now. I'm so grateful to have you here!"
The sincere thanks came from the customer. Hearing the words, Miss Glory couldn't help shaking her body. The swivel chair swayed gently from side to side. She seemed to have little flowers on her head when she was in a good mood.
"No. It's our pleasure," Miss Glory replied.

The moment she stepped out of the elevator, Miss Glory nearly fell because of wearing unfamiliar high heels.
Fortunately, at the critical moment, she twisted her body with all her might, and the whole person turned around like dancing on the spot, and only then did she stabilize her body smoothly.
"Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!"
The people in the elevator couldn't help clapping their hands and applauding when they saw this scene.
Miss Glory wasn't shy. She didn't know them anyway. So she bowed to them as if she was an actor on stage until the elevator door closed.
"What are you doing?" Unexpectedly, a colleague's voice came from beside Miss Glory.
Miss Glory turned her head abruptly and saw her colleague who came back from downstairs after buying coffee. At this moment, she seemed a little embarrassed. Blushing like a tomato, she whispered, "Enjoy being in the spotlight..."
"You can go down to the hall and sing a few words now, then you can attract everyone's attention. Want to try?"
"No need! Please!" Facing the ridicule of his colleague, Miss Glory immediately surrendered. They chatted while walking into the office.
Maybe it's because the weather is good today, so her colleague is in a good mood, and can still joke like this. The bright sun is shining from the window, making the beige walls look very warm, and the peach blossoms on the balcony are in full bloom. The pink petals are like the stars in the sky, and there are too many to count.

"Good morning, this is Toplogis, how may I help you?"

Picking up the phone, Miss Glory starts to work.
"Hello~ Well, I have a question and I want to hear your advice, is that okay?"
"No problem! What's the question? We're all happy to serve."
"My boss told me that he wanted to rent the warehouse to a bicycle manufacturer..."


Hearing this, Miss Glory couldn't help but think of the company trip a while ago, ride with the wind, it felt really comfortable.
Of course, it would be more fun if the buttocks didn't hurt.
"He just said that and asked me to plan! But I really have no experience! Do you have any experience with the same experience, can you give me some advice?" Thinking back on her past experience, it didn't take long before she dug out the required information from her own head.

"No problem! Um...you are in the free trade port area, so you need to pay attention to..."
She began to explain: "Frist, warehouse storage space planning. Second, whether the bicycle parts are "mainland controlled products" tariffs to determine the material Whether the number is the pipe material number..."

"Continental controlled products?"

The other party seemed to have some doubts, so Miss Glory added patiently: "The tariff entry regulations are MP1/MW0, and the place of origin is CN, which means that they are Mainland controlled products. The rest without MW0 or MP1 codes are Mainland products. Items are allowed to be entered!"
"Ooh! Got it!"
"Third... cargo movement planning. Fourth, the cooperative customs broker needs to provide the XML file of the customs declaration! Finally, because your company is not responsible for import and export, but the account is linked to your company, it is recommended that the contract with the other party be Indicate the registration, in case of loss of rights and responsibilities, have all the above been recorded?
"Yes! I wrote it down!"
After speaking, an excited voice came from the other side of the phone, and the other party said, "Your analysis is complete!"

Miss Glory shook her body in admiration, but at this moment, she suddenly had a flash of inspiration and was quickly reminded: "Right! I remember that your warehouse has no lights! If you want to rent it out to other industrial operators, you may want to remind your boss about this!"
"Yes!" it was a real reminder.
With only heard a little scream,
"I rarely go to the warehouse...I totally forgot! Fortunately, you reminded me, thank you!" The other party's cheerful voice followed.
Miss Glory couldn't help laughing when she heard this and then looked out the window.

The weather is so nice today.

Miss Glory couldn't help thinking of this.

Friday, is the day with the largest weekly shipments for customers…
Miss Glory combed her blond hair into a neat bun, and now she's looking at the information on the computer attentively, only to see her face almost sticking to the screen.

"Den-Den-La-Den-" At this time, the phone rang.
"Hello, Toplogis, how may I ask if you need any service?"
"I'm very busy today, can you help me? A total of 24 Invoices have to be combined into one shipment. I've worked so hard! Because I have to consider the same as Currency, Term, ship to, and ship by. The delivery time, I feel like my eyes will be in demage! Boss should buy lutein as a supplement for me!"
Complaining words came from the other side of the phone, and the other party seemed to be really distressed, which made Miss Glory immediately cheer up.
"Oh~ you want to ship together, it's easy!" Miss Glory subconsciously patted his chest and replied confidently.
"The GLORY platform has a super convenient function - press the Auto aggregation button. It only takes 3 seconds to complete the automatic order combination! After pressing it, the system will automatically combine the shipment data with the same conditions according to the conditions you set for the automatic order combination. It's a single shipment! You don't need to spend dozens of minutes checking documents anymore!"
After finishing speaking, the other side of the phone paused, and after a while, it rang again and said, "Thank you! I can finally get off work early to go on a date! Boyfriend here I come!"
It was a thank you filled with pink bubbles.

"By the way, have you finished measuring the rest of the outbound? "


"Want to cry, I haven't changed today, is there nothing that can be done with one click..."

Early in the morning, when Miss Glory passed by the engineer of the company, she was immediately attracted by the sigh.
She just caught a glimpse of a few conversations on the screen and watched the engineer collapse on the table. She was speechless and could only comfortably pat the engineer on the shoulder, asking him to cheer.
"Ah! I wish I had more time..." the engineer cried.
"Well, that's right. Time is important to everyone!" Miss Glory replied.
After briefly reassuring the engineer, she quickly returned to her job when the phone rang.

"Hello, this is Toplogis. How may I help you?" Miss Glory asked.
"Ah - So tired..." Unexpectedly, this was another sigh of exhaustion. Miss Glory couldn't help blinking her eyes and asked softly, "May I ask what happened? You can tell me!"
"Just..." The other end of the phone paused for a while, and then continued: "It's just that the shipment has to be written off... I have to keep looking for the original import declaration. There are so many Items, I'm dazzled, and I have to calculate the quantity……"
It does sound cumbersome and time consuming.
However, Miss Glory just smiled, as if she was very proud, and couldn't help turning her nose up: "Simple!"
She said, "The Toplogis import and export platform has a write-off function. You only need to click a button, and the system will automatically help you find the invoice data that can be written off with the incoming and outgoing part numbers!"
"Isn't it convenient?" Miss Glory continued to be proud, until her colleague next to her patted her on the shoulder and reminded her, and she calmed down a little.
At this time, the customer also praised: "Really! This function is really useful! It saved me a lot of time, thank you, Miss Glory, the master of time management!"

"Wow! So many letters! Are they... bills?"
In the afternoon, Miss Glory picked up the letter on her colleague's desk and asked curiously.
Letters, which was almost piled up into a hill, made the colleague sigh, and after Miss Glory picked it up, she immediately grabbed it back.
"Yes! Because I always forget to check my mailbox at home, so I choose to send it to the company..."
"Hmph..." Miss Glory paused, but suddenly laughed strangely.
She couldn't help poking her colleague's shoulder and asked, "With so many bills, did you buy something fun?"
"All in your mind!" Seeing this, the colleague, of course, mercilessly gave Miss Glory an attack on the forehead and replied, "I'm not like you, just a young girl. I have to support my family!"
"Oh..." Hearing this, Miss Glory rubbed her forehead, but she didn't say anything more, but went back to pick up a new wave of customer service calls.

"Hello, this is Toplogis, how may I help you?"
"Hey... I have to make a statement in this afternoon, I feel so tired, and there are so many ITEMs! Plus manual verification is easy to make mistakes..."
Oh? is complaining!
Miss Glory couldn't help thinking to herself.
"And if you make a mistake, you have to revise the statement! It costs money to modify the statement! Going to work is to make money, not to lose money! I have to check a lot of statements every day! Ahhh!"
"Mmmm." Miss Glory nodded. She was very accustomed to calls like this. After all, people always have a channel to clear their grievances. She felt a little sense of accomplishment when she could be someone else's trash can.
"Hurry up and save me! My boss said that the number of revisions to my order should be turned into my KPI!"
"Humph! Now you’re talking!" Of course, it will be more fulfilling to solve other people's problems.
Miss Glory raised her nose, she couldn't help raising her eyebrows at the colleague who was curiously looking over, and then replied proudly: "Our Glory Platform has an automatic pre-review function for declarations, as long as there is a customs broker that cooperates with the connection, it can be transferred through EDI.
After the declaration is sent to the platform, click [Pre Check Declaration (EDI)], and the system will automatically compare the item number, quantity, unit, tariff, amount, etc. of the declaration content printed by the customs broker. Is it consistent with the shipping document? This way you don't need to look at the invoice while looking at the invoice file, and check your homework like a teacher to see if there are any mistakes!"
Miss Glory continued: "And... if this shipment has the original import/export write-off statement, the system will also compare the write-off item with the statement! Isn't it very convenient? It won't deepen. Presbyopia, you have to pay for glasses!”
"Really? This function is amazing!" Sure enough, a sentence of admiration came from the other side of the phone, and Miss Glory shook her body happily, as if the other party was praising her.
"When I receive the KPI bonus, I will invite you to a cup of coffee! Thank you so much!" the other party said.

In the morning, when the phone rang, Miss Glory walked briskly and jumped back to her seat.
She was discussing birthday cakes with her colleagues just now.
Because another customer service lady's birthday is coming soon, everyone is secretly preparing for a surprise!
Looking at the price list of the cake shop, one after another of exquisite and delicious birthday cakes, Miss Glory is salivating. There is also a page full of chocolate, a page full of fruit, and even a page of special ice cream cakes, all clearly divided into how many inches and how much.
This made Miss Glory admire its design.
"Hello, Toplogis! How may I help you?" While thinking, Miss Glory answered the phone, but there was a commotion on the other side of the phone, as if someone had just smashed their head on the table.
"There are a lot of shipping information... There are PO, SO, INV, PACKING, big and small bills of lading, SHIP TO /BILL TO... etc. Ten fingers can't count them all!"
The customer continued: "Browsing the page is very expensive, I want to check it out. The columns are all in the back again...help!"
Hearing this, Miss Glory couldn't help raising the corners of her mouth.
She looked slightly at the cake price list on the table, and suddenly thought in her mind that not only the cake shop has this ability, but Toplogis is also very powerful!
"Hey! We recently launched a new version of "Column Setting", where users can choose the columns they want to view, and after the selection is complete, they can also sort specific columns!" she laughed.
Sure enough, after a while, the other side of the phone cheered up and exclaimed, "What should I do? Teach me! Teach me!"
"In the functional areas 1.3 Shipment, 2.1 Shipment Booking Status by Air, and 2.2 Shipment Booking Status by Sea of the Glory platform, you can see the Column Setting button, click on it to edit the columns to be displayed on the function query screen! You can choose to display the fields you want to see, and not display the fields you don’t want to see.”
"Wow! You can even check the cargo status response time from FWD, so I don't have to click on the cargo status response to check the estimated flight departure/landing time!" the customer said gratefully.
When Miss Glory listened, she couldn't help but smile and replied gently, "I'm glad our new function can help you!"

"This card is too complicated..."
"Do you want to redraw it?"
Occasionally, there was a sound of discussion, and Miss Glory couldn't help but raised her head curiously.
The little golden head slowly appeared in front of the towering computer screen, which made the colleagues who noticed it felt a little funny.
"What's wrong?" one of the colleagues asked.
"I want to peek at what you guys are doing..." Miss Glory answered honestly.
"Then did you see it?"
"Ugh..." Miss Glory faced her colleague on the opposite side. To be honest, she really couldn't see the other side's screen, so she couldn't help being a little frustrated at the moment.
"We're discussing Mid-Autumn Festival cards! You hurry up and do your work, ok?"
Hearing this, Miss Glory couldn’t say anything more. She thought about the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it was indeed approaching. She wondered if the company would send delicious grapefruit to employees this time.

"Hello, This is Toplogis!"
"Miss Glory, I'm so tired! I have to keep checking on the platform to see if the forwarder has replied to the flight information, and I have to ask the customs broker to make a declaration without authorization. I don't know if he uploaded it..."
Miss Glory blinked and couldn't help but be surprised by the question. It seems that this client is not very familiar with the operation of the platform and needs to explain it well.
"Toplogis’s platform has a powerful function: Event Config (Profession), you can make good use of this function!" Miss Glory continued: "When Forwarder replies to the ATA DATE of the flight, event will send a letter to inform You don't need to send a letter to ask the forwarder about the arrival time of your shipment, and you don't need to spend your precious time calling the forwarder to inquire about the shipment status! GLORY will automatically send you a letter to inform you!"
"What about the customs broker's declaration?" Hearing this, the voice on the other end of the phone seemed a little excited.
"For the customs broker to upload the declaration, when you send the customs declaration notice on the platform, the customs broker will receive a customs declaration notification letter. You can set the customs broker to upload the declaration within a few minutes. If the customs broker exceeds the specified time, the event It will start to urge the customs broker to upload the pre-trial declaration!”
"Then I don't have to worry about the customs broker missing my declaration, wow!"
"Hey!" Miss Glory smiled, she thought about the card just now, so she couldn't help adding: "Event config (Profession) has a lot of functions, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, when you bring a gift box to your company , I'll introduce you to me better!"
"It's great! You can enjoy the delicious food and listen to the practical functions. I'm looking forward to it!" said the other side of the phone.

The weather is turning to cold.
When Miss Glory looked up, she happened to see her colleague on the opposite side staring intently at the lower right corner of the computer screen, chanting words, like he’s saying some kind of spell.
She was a little puzzled, so she followed and looked at the lower right corner of her screen.
Oh...it's the off-duty time. She thought.
Perhaps because of the weather, Miss Glory recently felt that time seemed to be slowing down, too.

"Hello, this is Toplogis, it's a pleasure to serve you!" Miss Glory answered the phone and said.
Fall came a little late this year and came so unexpectedly that Miss Glory vaguely remembered running around the street in her shorts when the temperature suddenly dropped.
It was really freezing her.
"Hello...haha..." At this moment, a slightly embarrassed laugh came from her ear, and Miss Glory couldn't help frowning slightly and asked again, "Do you need any service?"
Hearing this, the other party lost his voice. He seemed to be thinking.
Miss Glory was patient, and after a while, the voice came from the other side of the phone.
"Actually, I just wanted to chat... After all, it's almost time for get off work," he said.
"Ah, thank you for introducing such a useful feature of Toplogis to us..." he added.
Maybe he felt embarrassed to just chat, the way the other party spoke was very polite, and Miss Glory couldn't help smiling.
In fact, chatting with customers is also customer service’s work, so there is no need to feel embarrassed.
"You're welcome! It's getting colder recently!" Miss Glory answered cheerfully, trying to ease the other's embarrassment.
"Yeah... Be careful to keep warm. By the way halloween is coming soon... Does the customer service lady have any plans after get off work?"
"No...it's past the age to ask for candy."
"Hehe! Our company is holding a dress-up event!"
"Huh? Have fun!" Hearing this, Miss Glory couldn't help but let out a sigh of admiration, which made the other party proud, and Miss Glory could hear the other party laughing quietly.
"By the way, your customer service is 24 hours a day?"
"Yes. Our customer service is 24(hr)*7(day). If you have any questions, please call and ask!"
"Wow──It's hard work, hard work!" The other party said sincerely.
In fact, Miss Glory has heard this sentence many times, but every time she hears it, she still feels warm in her heart.
This time it was her who smiled. It was that silly smile. The cheerful smile matched her long golden hair, like a dazzling sunshine.
"It is our honor to serve you, and now there is Miss Glory intelligent customer service, you can ask questions about the operation of the Miss Glory platform, as well as questions about the knowledge of the logistics industry!" she replied.
"And smart customer service?"
"Yes!" Miss Glory nodded, "Miss Glory has been born for a year!"
"There are real people and smart customer service, you are really amazing!"
"Thank you for your compliment, it's a pleasure to serve you!" Miss Glory replied.

Work remotely.
Miss Glory looked at the colleague in front of her who was packing up, but what the other party was packing was not hers, but another colleague who was currently working from home.
That's why it makes people curious...
" What are you looking at?" Seems like he finally couldn't stand the sight, the other party asked with some displeasure.
"Are you going to take it to her?" Miss Glory asked.
"Of course, she said that she doesn't have a laptop at home, so she can't work."
"Aren't you afraid? Contagion or something... People on TV said they would be excluded because they were afraid of contagion."
Hearing this, the other party rolled his eyes.
"What's there to be afraid of? As long as you keep clean and hygienic, you don't need to be afraid! Besides, people are already sick, so you should help them more at this time, you know?"
After finishing speaking, the other party touched Miss Glory's golden head, as if treating her like a child, Miss Glory didn't resist, blinked, and then returned to her seat, just in time to answer a new customer service call .
"Hello, this is Toplogis. It is a pleasure to serve you!"
"Miss Glory! I'm so irritable!"
"What happened?"
"Recently I feel unwell and take leave to work at home. I have a lot of things to do when I come back..."
In a daze, Miss Glory did not expect such a coincidence.
Some customers also practice remote work, but it is right to think about it. Now it is a trend to use the cloud network to work.
"How are you? Is there anything I can do for you?" Miss Glory asked with concern.
"Health is better, thank you! However, I have been working from home recently, and I have arranged for a lot of goods to return to Taiwan. Although I have asked a substitute colleague to help enter the warehouse, but the colleague happened to ask for leave today. I want to see which storage space the goods are in?"
"It's simple! Toplogis has a Gen Report report function, you can use the report to enter and exit the general table, and the general table will subdivide which storage slot this report enters, so that all information is clear at a glance!"
"Great! I can't go to the company these days, and I have accumulated a lot of orders, so I don't have to go to the warehouse and spend time looking for one by one. Thank you very much!"
"It is my honor to help you, and I wish you a speedy recovery!" Miss Glory said.

Miss Glory arrived at the office early in the morning, turned on her computer, answered customer service calls, and began her daily routine. Suddenly, she heard a question from a customer.

"I want to ask a question! For EU policies, I need to input VAT and EORI information, and each customer's number is different. Is there an easy way for me to not manually key in the information?"

Miss Glory thought to herself: "This is not a simple question." She thought carefully and replied, "On the Admin > Customer page, you can enter the relevant VAT and EORI information for different customers, or you can use the Auto Create Shipment Rule feature to set it up."

The customer happily said, "Wow~~~ that's great!"

Miss Glory felt proud of herself and continued, "Also, please note that the Auto Create Shipment Rule feature can also set up the IOSS number~"

The customer thanked her loudly, "Thank you so much, I'll set up the EU information first ^__^ thanks!"

After hearing the customer's gratitude, Miss Glory felt very satisfied and felt that her work was meaningful. She understood that every small contribution she made could help customers solve problems and make it more convenient for them to use the service, which is why she always insisted on providing the best service for customers.

"Hello, this is Toplogis. We are delighted to assist you!"
It was the afternoon, approaching the end of the workday.
Miss Glory couldn't help but feel a bit affected by the gloomy weather outside. Her eyes reflected a tinge of gray, lacking enthusiasm. Just then, a cheerful greeting broke the silence, catching Miss Glory's curiosity as she turned her head to see who it was.
It was her colleague, a senior customer service representative like Miss Glory. Having more experience and knowledge, this colleague was like the encyclopedia of the company, and Miss Glory often sought guidance from them.
Seemingly aware of Miss Glory's gaze, the colleague beckoned her over, gesturing to look at a customer's issue and learn from it.
Miss Glory moved closer, and soon she saw the problem on the colleague's screen.

"In response to the EU environmental tax, we need to indicate the weight of the packaging material (plastic weight) on the INVOICE/PACKING document. Currently, only Spain (ES) has this requirement. I'm wondering if the platform can display the plastic weight?"

"Oh, yes! I see the problem. This can be done. Please provide the plastic weight to GLINK," the colleague answered over the phone, wearing a gentle smile, resembling an elegant noblewoman.
Miss Glory sometimes felt that the customer service representatives at Toplogis had such pleasant voices, like a gentle breeze caressing one's ears, bringing comfort.
"Is there anything else I can assist you with?"
It happened again.
After resolving an issue, the colleague wouldn't hang up the phone too quickly. They patiently confirmed with the customer if there were any other questions, sometimes even engaging in conversations about parenting knowledge...
Miss Glory believed that this was what made Toplogis special!

Every customer had a great rapport with the customer service representatives.

"No problem. If other EU countries also require the plastic weight on the documents in the future, you just need to provide the countries that need it."
Observing the colleague's diligent attitude, even as the end of the workday approached, Miss Glory was momentarily taken aback. But soon, she regained her focus, clenched her fists, and returned to her seat.
"Keep up the good work!" Miss Glory whispered, before picking up the next incoming call.

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